«Kailash Assembly — Path Through the Spiral of Unity»

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Information letter

Dear friends!

            We are pleased to invite you to attend the Third International Conference dedicated to the phenomenon of Kailash

«Kailash Assembly — Path Through the Spiral of Unity»


  • Research team of the phenomenon of Kailash (Russia)
  • Research team of the phenomenon of Kailash (Bulgaria)

Place: Varna, Bulgaria.  Graffit Gallery Hotel. Site of www.graffithotel.com

Varna is a spiritual place with great potential to reproduce vibrations of Kailash on the Black Sea coast where Atlantians cities stood in ancient times.

Dates:  18 – 20 March 2016

Purposes of the conference: 

  • experience of the One Universe through the crystal of Kailash
  • creation of special space filled with «reference» vibrations of Kailash where each participant will be able to go through his/her own spiritual experience and get the impulse for further development;
  • systematization and introduction of the accumulated data on the phenomenon of Kailash and the Holy Lakes of the Tibetan region, the promotion of further research and spread of knowledge about the sacred regions in Tibet.

This conference will give a chance to feel the phenomenon of Kailash in the free flow of knowledge, energy, information, and spiritual experience by means of:

  • presentations from the scientists who study this region;
  • talks from people who have made trips to this unique region of our planet;
  • communications with lamas and spiritual teachers;
  • video, music, pictures, singing, multimedia with sound and light;
  • meditation with Tibetan bowls, Tibetan gong and Bulgarian bowls


  1. Understanding the phenomenon of Kailash in terms of cosmic evolution of man.
  2. The role of the new gnostic system that suggests synthesis of empirical and meta-scientific research   (through the inner spiritual world of man) in understanding the ancient Tibetan culture and its natural monuments.
  3. The spiritual experience of pilgrims and travelers who have already visited the region of Kailash.
  4. History of exploration of Kailash and surrounding regions.
  5. Tibetan Holy Lakes, including Lake Manasarovar: their sacred significance and prospects for research.
  6. Artifacts in the region of Kailash: problems related to the study and interpretation.
  7. Analysis of the literature, including the old sources, about Kailash and the Holy Lakes of Tibet; the significance of these regions with relation to the religious systems of the East.
  8. The water system in Kailash region and study of the properties of water.
  9. Geology, geomorphology and geophysics of Mount Kailash, the surrounding regions, and the Holy Lakes of Tibet.
  10. Video about Kailash.
  1. Influence of sound vibrations on the human condition (Tibetan bowls, music, chanting, mantras).
  2. Paintings and photos of the region of Kailash: exhibitions and media presentations.
  3. Kailash as a symbol of children energy spiral — children of Kailash.

The conference also aims to highlight a number of interesting research problems extending the range of examination for the cultural and natural sites in Tibet, as well as historical events associated with Kailash. Together with the mandala of Kailash, the conference suggests focusing on the Holy Lakes in Tibet and on the four great rivers of Asia rising in the vicinity of Kailash. In addition, a special and extremely important focus of the conference is on a virtual passing of the Spiral Kora, a special practice that allows going to a higher sphere of the physical and spiritual development.

Simultaneous translation into English or Russian will be provided.

Information for the speakers:

If the area of your interests is within the stated topic, and you want to make a respective presentation or talk, please apply your requests no later than 25 January 2016. You should send the following:

1) an application for participation in the conference with the topic of speech (Appendix 1);

2) abstracts or brief description of your talk, including the full name, email address, and contact phone number.

Time limit on speeches is up to 40 minutes.

Speakers of conference are exempted from an admission fee

The status of your presentation within the conference program will be reported by a special letter no later than 20 February 2016.

Please, send your application and speaking notes to the following e-mail: conference@mt-kailash.ru and vera.sotirova@gmail.com

Information for audience:

Please, sign up in advance as an observer as the number of free seats in the hall is limited.

You can sign up in one of two ways.

  • Submit the application form (Appendix 2) in free format specifying the name, country of residence, email address and contact telephone number to the following e-mail address: conference@mt-kailash.ru and tsveti@attractivetravel.net.  «Attractive Travel» EOOD, a licensed tour operator in Bulgaria, will assist in obtaining visas for participants from Russia.

The admission fee for foreign audience makes 40 EUR and is paid for arrival on conference.

If you are willing to provide additional financial support for organization of the conference, please contact the Organizing Committee at: conference@mt-kailash.ru

Organizing committee of the conference