2017 Forum: Ancient Knowledge of Kailash

On May 9 the 4th international conference about a phenomenon of Kailash «Ancient knowledge of Kailash» at which 8 reports by 7 speakers from Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Great Britain, Bosnia have been submitted. Three reports have been submitted by authors personally, the others have been seen in a special video to a conference or presented by other conferees. It should be noted that this conference has been for the first time held at the foot of sacred Mount Kailash, in very difficult conditions …

The main idea of this conference is a manifestation of Initial Knowledge of Great Spiritual Library of Kailash. Time and the venue of a conference have been chosen not incidentally. The culmination point has fallen on the Great holiday Vesak. According to ancient legends, during a full moon in the Taurus Great Teachers of mankind went down to our dense world at Kailash, at the beginning of the Valley of Deities (Tib. Lkh Lung) for transfer of knowledge. Participants of an expedition have spent the night in tents on the Mandala Terrace plateau (other name – the plateau of a heavenly funeral of 84 makhasiddkh). And early in the morning on May 11 at 5-42, at the time of a full moon, together with one more Russian group have celebrated a holiday Vesak. All Valley of Deities and Kailash shone in illusive moonlight, and we could touch surprising energiya of this sacred place …


  1. «Ancient wisdom of Tibet», Eleazar Kharash, Bulgaria


  1. «The Spiral Kora of Mt. Kailash», Wolfgang Wöllmer, Germany & Alexey Perchukov, Russia


  1. «Personal experience with Kailash», Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D., Bosnia

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  1. «A study of Naga Beings as a global phenomenon and their relation to the Kailash/Manosarovar region in particular»  Susan M. Griffith-Jones, Author, filmmaker, photographer, Company Director of Vibgyor Publishing House Pvt Ltd, India

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  1. «Traditional Naga puja of Tibetan Buddhism, giving respect to the serpent beings of the Earth, Air and Water», by Jamyang Sangpo Bhutia.


  1. «The main results of an expedition to the region of Mount Kailash in August, 2016», Dr.Sergei Balalaev, research group «Phenomenon of Kailash», Russia


  1. «Ancient relief geoglyphs of islands and coastline of the lake La-Ngac Tso (Rakshas Tal)», Dr. Sergei Balalaev, Phenomenon of Kailash research group, Russia


  1. «Research of the region of Mount KAILASH by geophysical (biolocational) methods» Alexander Sukhorukov, Russia