4th annual International Conference dedicated to the phenomenon of the Holy Mount Kailash

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Dear friends,

We have the honor to invite you to take part in the 4th annual International Conference dedicated to the phenomenon of the Holy Mount Kailash:


2017 Forum: Ancient Knowledge of Kailash


Organizers: Kailash phenomenon research group (Russia and Bulgaria)

Venue: Himalaya Kailash Hotel, Darchen, Tibet, China

Dates: 08 – 11 May, 2017

2017 Kailash Forum: Aims

  • Assemble explorers of Kailash at the foot of Holy Mount Kailash;
  • Provide a platform for free exchange of knowledge on ancient wisdom and Holy Mount Kailash;
  • Systemize and introduce in the scientific field accumulated data on Kailash and the sacred lakes of Tibet;
  • Cooperate on further scientific investigations and share knowledge on the sacred regions of Tibet;
  • Create a space, full of Kailash reference vibrations, in which all participants could go thought their own personal experiences and receive impulse for further development.


The Forum will provide a platform for free flow of knowledge, energy, information and spiritual experiences by means of:

  • Presentations from scientists who investigate the region of Kailash;
  • Presentations from explorers who have visited this unique region of our Planet;
  • Presentations from spiritual leaders and explorers of ancient knowledge;
  • Music concerts and mantras at the foot of Kailash;
  • Group prayer and meditation.


2017 Kailash Forum: Guidelines

  1. To understand Kailash in terms of the cosmic development of man.
  2. To bring back ancient knowledge and examine the influence of Kailash on man.
  3. To understand ancient Tibetan culture and its monuments through a new system of knowledge that introduces synthesis of empirical and meta-scientific research (coming through the inner, spiritual world of man).
  4. To analyze and interpret artifacts of the Kailash region.
  5. To share results of investigations on the Tibetan sacred lakes, the water system of Kailash and its properties.
  6. To share spiritual experiences of pilgrims to Kailash.
  7. To explore ancient literature sources on Kailash.
  8. To explore the vibrations of Kailash and the influence of sound on the human condition.


Working Language: English.


2017 Kailash Forum: Speakers and Events

Lectures from renowned explorers of Russia, India, Germany, Bulgaria, USA/Bosnia and Turkey are expected at the 2017 Kailash Forum. Check the website http://www.mt-kailash.ru  for regular updates on the speakers and the topics of their presentations.

The following events will be an integral part of the Forum: music concert, mantra singing and a group meditation in Tarboche early morning on 11 May, full moon, on the occasion of the 2017 Vesak celebration.


2017 Kailash Forum: Information for Presenters

If the area of your interest is in line with the stated topic and you want to deliver a presentation at the Forum, please send an abstract no later than 20th March, 2017.


Abstract requirements:

— it should accurately reflect the content of the presentation and its title;

-please indicate the subject of the presentation (according to the Aims and Guidelines of the Forum), briefly describe the presentation to be delivered at the Forum and give a concise summary (approx. 300 words);

— indicate whether technical means are necessary during your presentation (the computer, a video projector, sound equipment)

— specify your full name, position or academic degree, e-mail address and contact telephone number.


Send the abstract of your report to: conference@mt-kailash.ru. The status of your presentation within the conference program will be reported in a special letter no later than 25 March, 2017.


2017 Kailash Forum: Registration for Attendance

Registration for attendance at the Forum should be done as soon as possible and in advance due to the remote location of the Forum, the need to obtain entry permits and the limited sitting space available in the hall of the Himalaya Kailash Hotel, Darchen. Registration deadline: no later than 25 March, 2017.


To Register for Attendance:

Email completed Form A (Form A) to conference@mt-kailash.ru indicating your name, country of origin, email address and contact telephone number.


The fee for attending the 2017 Kailash Forum is USD 70.00 per person, used for covering the expenses. The fee is payable cash, in USD, during the first day of the Forum.

Lecturers at the Forum are exempt from the registration fee.


Travel, Visa and Hotel Arrangements

The local tourist agency “Visit Tibet Travel & Tours”, year-long travel partner of the Russian Investigation Group of the Phenomenon of Kailash, can offer travel assistance to the attendees of the Forum including visa and permit assistance, accommodation in Darchen, as well as transportation to/from Lhasa.

To make your travel arrangements, contact:

website: http://visittibet.com

telephone: 0086-28-83257742

email: sales@visittibet.com

contact name (English speaking): to the attention of Mrs. April.

Should you be interested in participating at an organized 3-day outer kora of Mt. Kailash following the Forum, contact: sergey.balalaev@gmail.com.

In case you are able and willing to contribute financially to the organization of the 2017 Kailash Forum, please contact: conference@mt-kailash.ru.


November, 2016

Organization Committee of the 2017 Kailash Forum