Understanding the Divine near Mt. Kailash

Spiritual contemplation of Kailash, the holy mountain, can awake another, more profound way of perceiving the reality, and makes feel the Divine in the place where we live — the feeling that we need to support in order to live in harmony with the environment and with each other. Looking at the sacred mountain and thinking about the world around it we discover inside ourselves something that allows us to live a more profound and more significant life.

The powerful image of Holy Kailash can break old concepts and awaken a new awareness towards the people and things around you. The world which we never noticed, or took it for granted, can suddenly appear fresh and bright in front of our eyes. The renewed perception of this new world can help us better understand how other people perceive the reality.

…Kailash rises above the surrounding territory in its incontestable grandeur, overlooking the valleys, plains and hills underneath. Unlike the reign of human kings, the reign of Kailash seems to be everlasting and imperishable, like the sovereignty of superior gods sitting solemnly on the throne at the top.

The Divine does not just open to our view, it comes out toward us rapidly to catch us with its ardent capture.


Although it can threaten everything that we consider as valuable things, the experience of the Divine opens a new vision of reality. And this new vision can free us from the suffocating constraints of illusions that we desperately cling to.

Kailash can offer a vision of something pure and eternal beyond the time.

Like the view from the top of a mountain, it opens us a fresh vision of ourselves, and the world around us, and it gives our life a new meaning and direction. A great deal of values ​​and goals in the modern society are formed by materialistic demands of business and technology, and they have some artificiality which pushes us aside from our environment, from each other and from ourselves.

By awakening the feeling of the Divine and making us aware of a deeper reality, Kailash brings us to the world and makes our life more real.

We begin to understand the ways which we can use for transformation of our lives. Being a meeting point between the sky and earth, Kailash unites, as it seems at first sight, different spheres of spirit and matter. In order to open up and grow, we need to deepen our awareness of spirit and matter, and to accept the reality that they represent inside ourselves. Concentrating on one without the other keeps us unbalanced. The exceptional emphasis on spiritual matters makes everything we do vague and imperceptible. A narrow focusing on material goods makes our minds «hard» and restricts our views onto the world and ourselves.

In order to realize our potential as human beings, we need to foster both the mind and the body, thoughts and emotions — the complementary aspects of our nature which express the basic common essence of our being. We need to come to a balance between the spirit and matter.